KTBI Transmitter Building

Your Help Is Needed And Appreciated


The KTBI Transmitter Building was originally constructed thirty years ago.  Because of the high power of KTBI, the building was made of heavy wood, not metal.

Over 30 years, the high winds, snow, and hot summer temperatures caused the original building to begin to deteriorate.

The picture at the right was take several years ago and as you can see, the wood was beginning to buckle and was starting to deteriorate even then.

The high winds that arise from time to time in Central Washington would literally remove paint from the building, especially when the winds were combined with sand and dust from the farms of Central Washington.

The situation became so serious in April that the rotting wood would allow damaging wind and rain to penetrate the building and potentially cause serious damage to the main and back-up transmitters for KTBI.

The Chief Engineer reported the emergency and a Christian contractor immediately inspected the building and reported that the building had to be repaired at once, before the next rainfall, which was forecast in three days.

The 810 Club Ministry went into action and with pledges from Christians throughout Eastern Washington and assistance from a local bank, the contractor began the repairs.

This is the same side of the building taken just after the repairs were completed.

The total cost came to slightly over $8,000.00.   The 810 Club is raising the funds to repay the loan with monthly pledges over a one year period.

You can help by clicking on the After picture above.   Please pray about what the Lord would have you to do.

In addition, a new roof had to be installed on the transmitter building last winter.   The building should now last at least another 30 years.